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I'm Kylie, an Australian freelance Makeup Artist.

As a Makeup Artist I would best describe myself as: Passionate, creative, resourceful and meticulous, closely followed by, friendly and approachable. I am also a qualified Hairdresser, an employer and an educator and with more than 20 years in the hair, Makeup and beauty industries, I bring a wealth of experience to any job or occasion.

Even when not in the middle of a major project I admit I am more than a little makeup obsessed. Makeup is rarely from my face, wrists, arms or thoughts and I am at my happiest when playing with products and colours. I am still as enthusiastic about my work as when I first started and love sharing my experience and knowledge in the regular training courses I offer and also in mentoring Makeup Artists that share my love of natural mineral makeup.

I love to push myself and thrive when given a challenge. Whether it's just a subtle, natural look or an artistic extravaganza, I get a buzz out of producing something awesome for my client. Personally and professionally, I use natural skin and hair products wherever possible and my beloved Professional mineral Makeup, 'Mineral Goddess' ALWAYS!

2015 I again become a finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry, Makeup Artist of the Year Awards. A wonderful honour and recognition for myself and the many talented and hard working creatives I am fortunate to work with.

As well as my valued salon makeup and hair clients I regularly do work for:
PRINT, WEB & VIDEO MEDIA, DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, BEAUTY SCHOOLS, EVENTS, MODELS AND ARTISTS. If you wish to see what I have been up to recently, pop over to my Facebook page where there is always something going on.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any Questions about the services I offer or the wonderful, 'Mineral Goddess' products I use.

Love Kylie XOXOXO

Artist Mentoring
I would never have gained the skills, knowledge and level of industry success I have achieved without the help of the many gifted and generous people I have worked for and with, over the years. I am compelled then to also be just as generous with my knowledge and support and also where I can, to offer talented and enthusiastic artists, especially those with an interest in natural, mineral and vegan products, the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience on some of the events, weddings and photoshoots I am involved with.


About the Makeup
In all my work for the last 8 years and in every photo here, my wonderful Mineral Makeup has been used. Knowing exactly what is in the makeup gives me the confidence to use it in any situation and on even the most sensitive of skins. If you are interested in using a proven, professional quality makeup that is: safer, non-irritating and cruelty-free, drop by www.kylies.com.au and check out all the Mineral Goddess goodness there.

Be sure to also check out the Professional Vegan brushes. You can not do good work with inferior brushes. Softer, Safer, and Cruelty-free these brushes will enhance your makeup skills.